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There are many paths which can lead to homelessness and to a feeling of desperation. We understand the feeling of hopelessness, and that many life circumstances can contribute to it. Addiction, mental illness or the loss of a job…we can help you or your loved one to address the issue. We know how to rebuild lives and how to help our clients become self-sufficient once again.

If you or a loved one are in a situation in which you feel frightened or hopeless, please review the below programs. There is a brief description of each program we offer. We help, we heal and we give hope.

Emergency Shelter

Food, shelter and clothing are fundamental human needs, and they are the first things we provide to homeless people who show up at our door.


Recovery For Men

Over half of the homeless population in the US suffer from addiction. Unless addictions are addressed, they are unlikely to move away from homelessness.


Recovery for Women

The success of the men’s recovery program led many in the community to urge the Hope Center to open a similar program for women, so in 2002, we opened one.


Detention Center Recovery

August 2002, the Hope Center began operating the Detention Center Recovery Program for Men. In July 2006, a recovery program for women inmates was established.


Mental Health Program

Serious and persistent mental illness is what keeps as many as 25 percent of all homeless people living on the street. It prevents them from carrying out the simple but essential tasks that would allow them to live independently.


Social Services

Sometimes homeless people, especially those with disabilities, need a little extra help connecting with the resources they need. That’s where Social Services comes in.


Dr. Gordon Hyde Health Clinic

Typically, homeless individuals do not have access to regular health care. That means two things: they develop health problems that become compounded by years of neglect, and their health problems help keep them homeless.


Employment Program

Homelessness is a matter of poverty, of not having access to resources. For those who are ready to enter the work force, having a job and getting a paycheck is a direct answer to that condition.


Transitional Housing

Hope Center clients who have dealt with the issues that have kept them homeless may take advantage of the Transitional Housing Program. The program provides semi-private rooms that are used by clients who are participating in the Employment Program.


Veterans Program

The Hope Center was awarded a Per Diem Program grant for veterans in September 2008 by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. The Hope Center receives a daily per diem payment for serving up to 30 Veterans.


HopeMobile Mobile Outreach

Sometimes the people who need the Hope Center the most are not at the Hope Center. The Mobile Outreach Team works from the streets of Lexington to help homeless people wherever they may be.


Drug & Alcohol-Free Affordable Housing

Recovery Program clients who are ready to move back into the community benefit greatly from living in an environment that supports their recovery. That’s the idea behind Hill Rise Place and the Rouse House.


Street Outreach Program

In March 2016, Hope Center was awarded a three year grant through the Office of Homeless Prevention and Intervention (OHPI) for LFUCG to begin our Street Outreach Program.



Here you will find additional resources that may be helpful for you! Please see below for details.


Loved one dealing with addiction?

If you are concerned about a loved one who is dealing with addiction issues, we strongly encourage you to become involved with Al-Anon. It will lead you to the tools you need to truly help, and not enable the addiction. You have come to the right place.

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Emergency Shelter

360 W. Loudon Ave. Lexington, KY 40508


Hyde Hope Health Clinic: 859-225-5035

(For Recovery Program intake, call the Emergency Shelter and ask for Intake)

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Men's Recovery Intake Number


Women's Recovery Intake Number


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The Hope Center is a 501c3 non-profit.
For all donations or volunteer assistance contact the Development Department at 859-721-0144.

For Men’s Emergency Shelter and Recovery Program questions and intake call 859-252-7881.
For Women’s Recovery Program intake call 859-252-2002.

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