Attend or Sponsor an Event

You can join in the effort of rebuilding lives by taking part in one of the inspirational Hope Center events that take place each year. You can attend an event, volunteer or become a sponsor. Sponsorships are a great way for businesses to show the community that they reach out to those in need in Lexington. Terrific sponsor partnerships are available; contact the Development Department at 859-721-0144 or at for more information.


14th Annual Ball Homes Night of Hope

Since 2009, the Ball Homes Night of Hope has been the premier¬†event of the year for the Hope Center. This year, we are so excited to welcome Randy and Lydia Grimes as our featured speakers this year. Randy Grimes is a Baylor University graduate and an award-winning 10-year veteran of the NFL who crawled on his hands and knees into treatment for an opioid addiction that developed while treating career-related injuries. He is the founder of Professional Athletes in Recovery and recently released his first book in January 22, titled Off Centerx. Randy’s wife, Lydia, is a Certified Family Addiction Coach. Today Randy and Lydia stage drug and alcohol interventions for professional athletes, celebrities, business leaders, and everyday Americans to find recovery from addiction. People in recovery commonly recite their “rock-bottom” story; the moment in their addiction that they hit their lowest point ever and realized they had to turn their life around or die. Randy and Lydia share their rock-bottom story with gut-wrenching honesty, humility, humor, and HOPE. We hope you will join us in welcoming Randy and Lydia to the 14th Annual Ball Homes Night of Hope!