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Our Mission

is to provide comprehensive life-sustaining and life-rebuilding services that promote healing from substance use disorder, mental health disorders, and homelessness.

We do this by providing:

• Food, clothing, medical and shelter for those experiencing homelessness
• Recovery for those with substance use disorder
• Health services for those who are sick
• Diagnosis and treatment for those with mental health disorders
• Employment Services for those who can work
• Transitional Housing for those on their way back
• Safe, affordable permanent housing for those who need it
• Street and mobile outreach for those who have not visited the Hope Center

Our Stories :: YOur Stories

The greatest part of the Hope Center process is watching the “ah-ha!” moment when a client can see the light and can feel hopeful again. Their stories are stories of real-life hurts, tragedy, self-reflection, growth and finally, a new kind of life.

Volunteer at
the Hope Center

Welcome to the family of volunteers at the Hope Center! Our volunteers, who generously give of their time and talents, allow us to rebuild lives every day. Your commitment to volunteering at the Hope Center will have a positive impact on our community and on the lives of those we serve.

in 0ur fiscal year 2020-2021, Your Donations provided

Meals Served

Clothing Items Given to Clients

Nights of Lodging

Addiction, homelessness and mental illness not only affect the person who is battling them. They have a ripple effect. Each person suffering has a network of family and friends who are in varying forms of distress along with them. Consequently, when Hope Center programs help one person, we are touching many lives including our clients’ children, spouses, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends.

Services and Programs
If You or a Loved One Need Help

There are many paths that can lead to homelessness and to a feeling of desperation. We understand the feeling of hopelessness, and we understand that many life circumstances can contribute to it. Addiction, mental illness or the loss of a job…we can help you or your loved one to address the issue. We know how to rebuild lives and how to help clients become self-sufficient once again.

Get Help

Emergency Shelter

360 W. Loudon Ave. Lexington, Ky 40508: 859-252-7881

Hyde Hope Health Clinic: 859-225-5035

(For Recovery Program intake, call the Emergency Shelter and ask for Intake)

Reach Us

Men's Recovery Intake Number


Women's Recovery Intake Number


Donations & volunteers


The Hope Center is a 501c3 non-profit.
For all donations or volunteer assistance contact the Development Department at 859-721-0144.

For Men’s Emergency Shelter and Recovery Program questions and intake call 859-252-7881.
For Women’s Recovery Program intake call 859-252-2002.

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