Mental Health Program

Mental Health ProgramSerious and persistent mental illness is what keeps as many as 25 percent of all homeless people living on the street. It prevents them from carrying out the simple but essential tasks that would allow them to live independently.

The Hope Center’s mental health professionals reach out to men who are homeless because of chronic mental illness and give them access to the comprehensive mental health care that they desperately need. Dedicated staff members, with help from Bluegrass Comprehensive Care, offer a diverse mix of rehabilitation services that provide each client with effective treatment options tailored to meet his individual needs.

The mentally ill often require services after their stay at the Hope Center. That’s why the Mental Health team not only helps clients secure permanent housing but also provides ongoing support, including payee services and counseling, to help ensure their success in the long run.

For more information, contact Shawn Luchtefeld at 859-543-2222.