Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter

Food, shelter and clothing are fundamental human needs, and they are the first things we provide to homeless people who show up at our door. A recent renovation has opened up more sleeping space, with the average number of clients per night being around 200. During colder months, the men served at the Shelter averages about 250. We turn no one away if they need assistance.

The Emergency Shelter operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Each month on average, the Shelter provides 6,000 nights of lodging and the Jacobs Hope Cafeteria serves 12,000 meals. Many volunteers help serve the meals, and clients also participate in work crews in the kitchen.

Typically, homeless individuals don’t have access to regular health care. That means two things: they develop health problems that become compounded by years of neglect, and their health problems help keep them homeless.

HealthFirst staff treats an average of 500 clients each month at the Hyde Hope Health Clinic. Health Clinic nurses also educate them on health care issues, thereby helping to prevent other health problems in the future.

Each client has a Caseworker to help connect them with the services they may need. It could be an assist to find a job, working through a language barrier, or just connecting them with services from which they could be receiving assistance. Caseworkers work directly with clients in the Emergency Shelter. The Hope Center Emergency Shelter is for adult males only. Women and families may obtain shelter from the Salvation Army on West Main Street.


Emergency Shelter
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