Donor Reflections

True Hearts of Hope: Don and Cathy Jacobs

Don and Cathy JacobsDon and Cathy Jacobs’ humanitarianism, which runs wide throughout the entire Lexington Community, is demonstrated in a very pure form through their work with us at the Hope Center, which radically affects change in the lives of homeless and at-risk men and women.

“Don and I are honored to be a part of such a great organization as the Hope Center,” said Cathy. “We feel blessed to be able to give back to our community and specifically to those who are in their greatest time of need.”

Through their philanthropy, the Jacobs have provided additional housing for an ever-growing population of residents and programs. They also provided a new cafeteria where residents are able to enjoy regular meals and fellowship in community with others. Through Cathy’s outreach work as a member of the Hope Center Board, the general public is made aware of the profound problem of homelessness and addiction, the success stories of former Hope Center residents and the continuing need for resources. Cathy has been integral in the recent Emergency Shelter renovations and she is at the front line of Hope Center events which help to spread the word of the successes of Hope Center programs. The Jacobs truly have a hand in rebuilding so many lives in Kentucky through their passion and the Hope Center is honored to have them as part of the mission.

“During my time and work at the Hope Center, I have had the joy of seeing lives turned around every day. I see people walk into the Hope Center broken, with their heads down, later to leave with a smile on their face and with dignity, self-respect and their pride restored.”


Jack Kain

Jack KainJack Kain is a Lexington native who has spent a significant part of his life helping to better the communities he lives in. After graduating from UK in 1947 and serving the US in the Korean War, Kain returned to his home state to build his career – one that would eventually make him a popular and respected automobile dealer. In addition to being a successful businessman, Jack Kain has worked tirelessly to stimulate economic development, bolster educational opportunities, help grant full access to healthcare, and support deployed military units. Jack’s dedication to social services, in addition to personal experiences with addiction, led him to support the Hope Center Recovery Program, of which he has been an ardent advocate, volunteer, and donor, since 1994.

“I’ve had nothing but good thoughts for many, many years about the Hope Center. I have nine children, three of whom were alcoholic, and they all received help from the Hope Center. I’m not a Johnny-come-lately donor; I’ve been giving to the Hope Center for many years, financially and through volunteering. My entire family and I have volunteered there, serving meals and giving when we can, for a long time. I’ve been able to take my experiences with alcoholism and what I know about recovery from the Hope Center and speak to the public about how this disease affects families, and to tell them that there is hope and help out there. I’ve been privileged to be a Ford dealer for over 60 years, and we were recently awarded Ford’s highest honor, a Salute to Dealers Award. Only six dealers worldwide receive this honor, and I feel that the help I’ve been able to give the Hope Center greatly contributed to our getting the award.

I cannot thank the Hope Center enough for the help it’s given to my family and friends who needed it.”