Strong and Dedicated Leadership

The Hope Center is blessed with a strong and dedicated Board of Directors who passionately believe in the mission of rebuilding lives in Kentucky. We thank them for sharing their time and talent to help those who are in need.

Executive Director: Cecil Dunn

Board of Directors:

Don Ball, Chair
Connie Joiner, Vice Chair
John McCarty, Vice Chair
Bill Rouse, Vice Chair
Mike Scanlon, Vice Chair
Cathy Jacobs, Secretary
Patrick Brewer, Treasurer
Linda Ball
Gail Bennett
Bill Bridges
Ron L. Brown
Chauncey S.R. Curtz
Chris Ford
Rufus Friday
Matthew R. Galbraith
John Gohmann
Dr. Janie Heath
Mark Henderson
Louis Hillenmeyer III
Barry Holmes
Steve Kelly
Robert McGoodwin
Timothy Melton
Terry Mobley
Jim Murray
George Privett, Jr., M.D.
Malcolm Ratchford, M.S. CCAP
Shannon Sell
Richard Stephenson
Solomon Van Meter
George Wallace
Jeff Zinger