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It's too hot for beards! Our guys could use your help with some disposable razors and shaving cream, toiletries, and shower shoes. If you can help us out, drop your donations off at the George Privett Men's Recovery Center, located at 250 W. Loudon Avenue. Thanks! ... See MoreSee Less

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Casey came to the Hope Center from Louisville almost one year ago, and now he's a Peer Mentor, helping other addicts and alcoholics out of active addiction. Casey lost his mom to addiction at an early age, but through the recovery program, he has built a better future for himself. Here's his story:

"My addiction began when my mom passed. I started out smoking pot and drinking, and that got worse. After high school, I got the insurance money from when my mom passed and my addiction just took off. I started out doing mostly opiates, and eventually heroin. That led to me losing everything; cars, my clothes. I sold everything, pawned everything. I was couch surfing, staying at hotels, whatever I could do. Stealing just to eat – and to get my fix for the day. And eventually when I hit my bottom, I came to the Hope Center.

Now, I don’t wake up hating life or myself. I’m gaining trust back with my family, and building relationships. I've learned a lot about myself, and I'm dealing with a lot of issues that have bothered me my entire life. I live a simple life, but it’s nice. I don’t wake up with anxiety because there’s a warrant out for my arrest, or worry about a court date and what’s going to happen there. Or about how I’m gonna get my next fix, where I’m going to sleep, how I’m going to eat. Now, I work, I go to meetings, and I wake up happy. Being a peer mentor is awesome. Seeing the change and hope they gain, being there for them, building that trust with them – I love it. I can relate to them, and share my experiences with them to help them out."
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