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Lexington Really Really Free Market

May 30, 2015, 12:00pm - May 30, 2015, 3:30pm

Woodland Park Gazebo

Got stuff you want to give away? Bring it to the Really Really Free Market, where one person's trash is another person's treasure! Got skills? Share 'em! If you want bring a meal for the potluck! Meeting spot near the Woodland gazebo We are creating a temporary Gift Economy: NO MONEY. NO BARTER. NO TRADE. NO ADVERTISING. NO MARKETING. EVERYTHING IS FREE. Leave your wallets at home! Bring a blanket, sheet or tarp to place your things on so folks know where to gander for treasures. +++This is a family-friendly event.+++ Spread the WORD! Invite your Friends!

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Warren shared his story with us last year (read below), and since then, he has joined the Hope Center Veterans Program. It is our honor to help men like Warren who have served their country. We remember those who have perished in service, and aspire to help those who have come back and need assistance.

"My addiction began at an early age. I was drinking and using marijuana, then moved to cocaine and pills, and then heroin. I couldn’t stop. No matter what I did or tried. Dad was in jail, Mom was an alcoholic. I got out of high school and started working in a nuclear medicine lab, and they sent me to school to become a nuclear pharmacy tech. I did that for six years, but my alcoholism ruined that job for me. When I was 26, I joined the Navy. I wanted a different lifestyle, and that’s how I tried to do it. I served four years in the Navy, two tours in the Middle East. I had a letter of commendation in two tours of duty. I worked in weapons, bomb build-ups. When we went out to sea, I was good as could be. But when we hit port, I was a mess. I fell victim to thinking that alcohol wasn’t a drug. I graduated the recovery program at the Healing Place in Huntington, WV, but after I relapsed, I couldn’t go back there. I came to the Hope Center to detox, then drug a mat for a week, then got in the program.

The Hope Center has been great – they break down the steps, and offer a lot of resources. I’ve tried everything to quit, and this program is the only way to earn long-term sobriety. I can look back now and see that the second I put alcohol and drugs into my body, everything goes wrong. I see a lot of alumni come back here who have years of sobriety, and that’s encouraging. The Veterans program is helping me a lot, and other recovery programs don’t offer that. They’ve offered to get me in the dorm down there after I finish here. This place has given me hope back. When you’re out there, you just get in that state of mind where you feel worthless. This place is teaching me to love myself again. I’m starting to enjoy life again."
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Hope Center is honored to be a benefiting organization of the BB&T Lighthouse Project! We have enjoyed having so many volunteers from BB&T here this week, helping with all kinds of things - sorting donations, landscaping at One Parent Scholar House, gardening at the Privett Center, and more! Pictured below, George Wallace, Market President, and Bud Watson, Wealth Advisor, break a sweat planting lots of veggies for our clients! Missi Mcintosh, Wealth Assistant and Kim Martin, Business Service Assistant brought in supplies for our Housing First clients. Thanks to you all for your generosity and support! (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Alex is a Hope Center client who shared his story with us earlier this year. He stays at the Emergency Shelter, and he's saving up to find a place of his own. Here's a little of his story:
"I worked for 35 years before I was no longer able to. Before I came to the Hope Center, there were things that were bringing me down, and I was drinking, which made it all worse. So I stopped feeling sorry for myself and just got up.

I was a cowboy without a horse, but I had a couple of ropes, so I finally caught a horse.

The interaction I have here with all these different people – it’s a healing process both for me and for others. We help each other through the healing process. I’ve been blessed with a good caseworker in Mr. Shawn. I talk to guys here about keeping a positive attitude."
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